Seal Superyachts announces Superyacht Association Partnership in Indonesia

Posted Jan. 30, 2015, 1:25 p.m.
18thSeptember 2014 – Media Release Phuket, Thailand. LEAD TITLE Seal Superyachts announces Superyacht Associate Partnership in Indonesia MAIN TITLE Seal Superyachts strengthens ties with The Lighthouse Consultancy in order to provide first-class Superyacht support & logistics in Indonesia. Seal Superyachts are delighted to announce theirassociate partnership with The Lighthouse Consultancy providing Superyacht support and logistics across the Indonesian Archipelago. The Lighthouse Consultancy is a dedicated Superyacht support agency in Indonesia, providing 360° support for superyachts exploring the Indonesian archipelago. With a growing number of the world's best motor and sailing yachts being added to their clientele each year, Lighthouse Consultancy takes pride in their professional service, quality provisioning and extensive reach in this vast region of some 17,000 islands. Indonesia can be a complicated country to navigate and understand for visiting superyachts, and the long distances and sheer number of islands gives rise to logistical challenges for support service companies. Adam Frost, Managing Director of Seal Superyachts commented "We are impressed by The Lighthouse Consultancy's approach to service and have seen that they are providing excellent superyacht support to their clients. There is regular positive feedback from yacht captains and we see Andy and his company as being the professional people to talk to for all of our Indonesian-bound clients. In an effort to expand our coverage of agency support across Asia, I am delighted to be able to welcome Andy Shorten and his team from The Lighthouse Consultancy as our Seal Superyachts partner in Indonesia". Andy Shorten, The Lighthouse Consultancy’s Managing Director said "SEAL Superyachts have been in the industry for many years and to receive their recommendation as the go-to shore support in Indonesia, is a great privilege.” He added “It’s a very positive reflection on our consultancy team to have other experienced agents recognise the professionalism, dedication and commitment provided by Lighthouse, as they also appreciate the standards that must be reached in order to provide the best possible service for visiting superyachts." For more information visit the Seal Superyacht Indonesia section here