We are the leading providers for concierge and marine agency ...


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We are the leading providers for concierge and

marine agency services to the super yacht industry in

Maldives. From the vessel’s first entry point to Maldives,

yachts cruising throughout the Maldives receive the

highest quality maritime agency service 24 hours a day,

7 days a week.

Maldives Yacht Support has been providing the services

and support to valued clients since 2009, making a

name in the industry and receiving the trust and positive

feedback of many clients through the success.


Our Service includes;


• Yacht Clearances / Formalities

• Fresh Provisions/Supplies

• Bunkering

• Cruising permits /Customs and immigration procedures

• Tourism Arrangements

• Itinerary Planning & Logistics

• Technical Services and Support

• Travel & Transportation

• Hotel & Restaurant reservation

• Exclusive excursions

• VIP Concierge Services

• On-board Entertainment

• Banking Transactions

• Courier Service

• Freight Handling

• Helicopter Clearance & Support

• Private Seaplane charter

• Dis/Embarkation of Armed Security Guards

• Maritime lawyers & Legal Consultancy

• Medical service

• Laundry and Dry Cleaning

• Yacht Charters

• Private jet Charters


• Local captains & professional dive guides etc…


7th FL, H .Jazeera Building ,
Boduthakurufaanu magu 20077, Male’ – Maldives , Maldives, 20077, Maldives

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